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Our Case

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Our Case

1、A.1 - CCS (Bi Metal)

●Corrosion resistance 1 Mechanical robustness

● Very limited scrap value High electrical ampacity CCS IACS (30% - 55% [ 40%])

Rated for fusing temperature of CCS = 1084 Deg. C [ Steel alone : (1425- 1540 Deg. C)]

●Further deterrent to theft is to treat the surface so as to discolour not to resemble copper.

A.2- CCA (Bi Metal)

●10% and 1 5% by volume CCA

●62.9% - 64.4% min IACS [ Al= 61 % IACS]

●CCA presents a potential alternative to copper condud for use in LV and MV cables for anti-theft purposes.

●The conductor could present a corrosion risk, if the eare left unprotected in outdoor installations.

●Very limited Scrap value.

●Could drawn to fine sizes, can be used for small conductor sizes - high fatigue resistance in the annealed state

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